O.L. Gustavo Armature Winders and Electric Motor Repair Specialists

O.L. Gustavo Armature Winders was established by the brothers OL and HV Gustavo in 1965.

Our Services

  • Rewind and Refurbish AC Motors.
  • Rewind and Refurbish DC Motors.
  • AC Squirrel Cage Induction Motors.
  • Slip Ring Motors.
  • High Frequency Converters.
  • Crane & Hoist Motors
  • Two & Three Speed Motors
  • AC & DC Brake / clutch Coils
  • Single Phase Motors
  • Rewind and Refurbish submersible pumps
  • Rewinding of Magnetic Tables

About Us

O.L. Gustavo Armature Winders, strives to satisfy the needs of all our customers. We rewind all AC and DC motors, from a Lawn-Mower, to a 250Kw Motor, and DC motors and AC spindle or servo motors, and permanent magnet motors.

Our Team

O.L. Gustavo has a staff base of 23 people with many years of experience and the management hold BSc degrees. with the expertise to repair and rewind:

  • Slip Ring Motors.
  • Gear Box Motors.
  • DC Motors.
  • Vibrator Motors.
  • AC Motors.
  • Magnetic tables and chucks.
  • Brake Motors.
  • 2 Speed Motors.
  • Submersible Pumps.
  • Centrifugal Pumps.
  • Multi Stage Pumps.
  • Rotor Re-baring
  • Complete Alternator Rewinds
  • Three Phase Transformer Rewinds
  • Welding Machine Rewinding.


Magnetic Table Chucks

Complete rewind, insulation and encapsulation.

AC Motor Rewind / Refurbish

Complete rewind and refurbish of all AC motors up to 1000V

DC Motor Rewind / Refurbish

Complete in-house rewinds of Armatures, Fields and Inter-poles.

AC Rotor Re-baring

Complete Rotor Re-baring, including Growler Testing and Balancing.       

AC & DC Brake / Clutch Rewind

Complete rewind, varnish impregnation and epoxy encapsulation

Rewinds of Alternators

Rewinding of Alternator Stators, Excitation Coils and field coils

Refrigeration Compressor

Complete in-house rewinds of Refrigeration Compressors, including protecting the windings from Freon Gas.

AC Spindle and Servo Motors

Rewinds of all AC Spindle and Servo motors.      

Contact Information

O.L. Gustavo Armature Winders are located in Eastleigh, Edenvale

Our Address

6 Plantation Road,

P.O. Box 1154



Contact Details

Tel: 011-609-8013
Email: olgustavo@mwebbiz.co.za or sergio@olgustavo.co.za